Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)

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Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL)

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13 Sudan St. , Dokki , Giza , Egypt

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Mrs. Rabha Fathy

Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) is a registered NGO with the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity (#3236) with the mission of activating women’s political participation and supporting women’s legal and political rights that approved by national law and international conventions.
AEFL is seeking to create Egyptian women who can defend their rights and work to spread values of gender equality, justice, and freedom within Egyptian society through awareness programs, research studies and networking with governmental and non governmental institutions concerned with women issues.
AEFL works towards spreading the values of gender equality, justice, and freedom within Egyptian society, encouraging girls and ladies to get their political, social and legal rights through achieving the following goals:
  • Empower women to defend their political, legal, and social rights.
  • Raise awareness of women’s political status and the importance of activating their role within Egyptian society.
  • Build a strong front of female lawyers who are qualified and involved in both political and public life.
  • Raise awareness of the international conventions and instruments protecting human, particularly women’s, rights in order to change the culture of the community.

AEFL’s policies for working are as follows:

  • Provide services for women in general and female lawyers in particular within the Lawyers Syndicate and its branches in five governorates (Giza, Beni Swif, El-Manya, Qena, and Aswan). These services will ensure women’s freedom from gender discrimination, regardless of the economic, political, social conditions that they are living in.
  • AEFL believes in a woman’s right to hold any organizational position, as stated in their developmental and human rights plans.
  • AEFL’s work focuses on the principle of transparency for better performance and permanent success and superiority.
Members of AEFL:
The General Assembly of AFFL is 96 female members representatives from five governorates (Giza, Beni Swif, El-Manya, Qena, Aswan).
Board of Directors:
AEFL has a Board of Directors which includes 9 female members representing five governorates (Giza, Beni Swif, El-Manya, Qena, and Aswan).
Internal Administration of AEFL:
AEFL has a guideline of policies and procedures, which organize and guide the administrative and financial work within the association, the relation between manger and executive directors, and the relationship between the association and other organizations.
Implemented activities were carried out by AEFL:
  • Join the membership of the solidarity for African women rights (SOAWR).
  • A network was formed in the targeted governorates. This network works through monthly meetings in the headquarters of the association in Cairo.
  • Establishing legal units for supporting Egyptian women and providing legal assistance in framework of the project was funded by MAMA Cash institution.
  • Preparing a study about sexual harassment in Cairo governorate.
  • Building the capacities for female candidates to fight last parliamentary election.
  • Issuing a brochure entitled “Women Voting is their Voices” to identify women with the steps of voting during the electorate process.
  • Configuring good relationships with governmental and non governmental institutions concerned with women and family issues.
  • AEFL comprises a female lawyer team at a high level of experience and efficiency.
Past Performance:            
Past Performance:            
Project Namepreparing female leaders for parliamentary elections 2010.
Donor: The Danish- Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI)Project Location:  Egypt
Project DescriptionAEFL aims  through executing this project to activate the role of women in political life,  in the decision-making process and creating a cadre of women able to manage electoral campaigns . The project aims to achieve its goals through establish women’s political support unit which aim to provide  different kinds of trainings for female candidates on topics like political participation, human and women rights, leadership and communication skills, networking, becoming a candidate and managing electoral campaigns.
Project Nametogether  against sexual harassment
Donor: Mama Cash NetherlandsProject Location:  Egypt
Project DescriptionThe association aims  through executing this project to monitor the number of women and girls subjected to sexual harassment at El Matria & Ain Shams zones , through Conducting preliminary research on the phenomenon of harassment of working women in the slum areas and presented it to the stakeholders and society and implement number of seminars and awareness workshops to working women , businessman and workshop owners.
Project Name“Supporting and motivating the performance of female members of local councils in decision making”
Donor: MEPI

Project Location:  Egypt
Project DescriptionThe Association aimed at reinforcing gender equity and women’s empowerment.  The first objective is capacity building for 120 female members of local councils in the governorates of Giza, Beni Sweef, Wadi El Gedid and Aswan.  In pursuit of this objective AEFL will conduct training sessions to hone the council members’ leadership and political skills.  The second objective is assistance to the council members in their work, through a combination of activities similar to consulting and mentoring, accompanied by a continuous series of evaluation activities.
Project NameActivating Women’s Role within Local Bar Associations in Upper Egypt
Donor: National Endowment for Democracy ( NED)

Project Location:  Egypt
Project DescriptionThe Association of the Egyptian Female Lawyers (AEFL) will train a cadre of 25 women lawyers within local bar associations in the Giza, Bani Souef, Minya, and Qena governorates, who will subsequently train an additional 100 female lawyers in each target governorate. Trainees will form a network to provide continued support to women lawyers seeking leadership positions within the bar association.
Project NameEnhancing & Empowering Egyptian Woman to Participate in Civil Life
Donor: Global Fund for Women (GFW)

Project Location:  Egypt
Project DescriptionThe association seeks through executing this project to execute activities calling for equal gender opportunities and minimizing obstacles which face women in obtaining their social, political, economic and cultural rights, enabling women and increasing the awareness of societies selected and their civil institutions of women rights and granting women access to obtain their rights
Locating seats for female lawyers inside lawyers syndicate
 ( Quota of female lawyers)
Project name

Project location : Egypt

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy ( NED)

Egyptian Female Lawyers Association adopted the project of “Locating seats for female lawyers inside lawyers’ syndicate, which is legal initiative for a period of 12 month to promote opportunities of participating of syndicated women with decision and policies processes inside the syndicate. Project generally aims to provide the opportunities for participation of women with locating seats for them inside lawyers syndicate to foster their opportunities for reaching to mechanisms of making policies within formal and voluntary institutions. Project focuses in particular on lawyers syndicate which witness remarkable recession in representing women in board of directors of syndicate even in public and sub- syndicate.Project  description
Programs of  legal clinic for sexual harassment victimsProject name
Project location: Egypt

Donor : Mediterranean Women Fund

Project goal : forming legal clinic for sexual harassment victims to provide legal and psychological support to victims themselves and provide consultations for their families and other concerned parties.Project description
Program of  legal assistance for womenProject name
Project location : Egypt

Donor :Development Fund for African Women.
Project goal : provide legal assistances for violated women ,grantee of getting her political and legal rights ,and fight all unfair laws and legislations against women .project description
The political participation of women in local electionsProject name
Project location : Egypt

Donor : Open Society Foundations- Arab

Project goal :
The project aims to enhance women participation in local elections in 2012 through providing knowledge and awareness to 12000 women from underserved areas in Giza, Fayoum and Qaliubiya of their electoral rights
In addition to form a network of 60 female lawyers to lead the electoral campaign befor 2012 local elections ( to guarantee providing services and awareness programs for women continuously)
project description
Women action for election (WAE)Project name
Project location : Egypt

Donor :
International foundation for electoral systems (IFES)

Project goal :
The project aims to political awareness to women of poor communities about the importance of the electoral process, and the project worked on raising awareness of 18000 women in three governorates which characterized by spreading of underserved areas as the citizens there lacks the knowledge and skills which empower them from effective participation in public decision making

project description
Supporting the democratic transition phase at local levelProject name
Project location : Egypt

Donor :  Swiss embassy in Cairo

Project goal :
·     The project aims to enhance and encourage the democratic governance in two local communities in Giza governorate through raising knowledge and skills of local councils to respond to their community needs
·     In addition to building skills of local NGOs to mobilize local communities to express their opinions about the democratic process and discuss their needs and rights with relevant decision making entities and accounting it
·     Work on raising public awareness of community members and encourage dialogue initiatives at local level
project description
 Stop violence against womenProject name
Project location : Egypt

Donor :  European Union   Contact :

Project goal :
·     Providing legal and psychological support for the victims of physical violence through an existing entity that fulfill their needs.
·       NGOs are ready to deal with the cases of the physical violence and judicially face them.
·      Creating a network of 30 NGOs in addition to legal clinic in the Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers that work together to help female victims of sexual and physical violence.
·       Raising the public awareness concerning the risks emerged from ignoring these issues and working upon developing long-term plan to face physical violence.
·      Coming out with a draft law by the employees of the legislations committee in the people’s Assembly to submit to the new parliament.

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